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Another interesting capability is that it can be saved on a transparency. This means we can utilize the important elements of an image without needing to change things like a background color if we placed it on transparency. This is a big reason why most major sites create their logo as a .PNG, so it doesn’t need to change whenever their site is updated. Best uses for .PNG include images that contain text, graphics with hard edges, and elements that require transparent backgrounds like logos.

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GIF images hold all of the animation frames and timing information in one single file. Image editors like Photoshop make it easy to create a short animation and export it as a GIF. Reduce the filesize of many PNG images at once online. But exporting your PNG file using more compression takes a longer time. This delay is usually not a problem unless you have a slow computer or compress thousands of PNG files simultaneously. All files on your computer, including PNG files, are made up of 0’s and 1’s. The first stage, filtering, analyze and re-arranges the data, so it’s more accessible to the compression algorithm which comes next.

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The PNG format was developed as a replacement for the GIF format when it appeared that GIF images would be subject to a royalty fee. PNG graphics have a better compression rate than GIF images, which result in smaller images than the same file saved as a GIF. PNG files offer alpha transparency, meaning you can have areas of your images that are either fully transparent or even use a range of alpha transparency. For example, a drop shadow uses a range of transparency effects and would be suitable for a PNG . A RAW image is the least-processed image type on this list — it’s often the first format a picture inherits when it’s created. When you snap a photo with your camera, it’s saved immediately in a raw file format. Only when you upload your media to a new device and edit it using image software is it saved using one of the image extensions explained above.

  • Click on the “Advanced Tab“, and make sure that the “Discard Editing Data” is checked.
  • It uses lossless compression but “constrains” the image to 8 bits per pixel and a limited palette of 256 colors.
  • From my perspective, the original and compressed images looked the same.
  • In fact, Adobe Lightroom is probably the simplest way to both open and edit your ARW images.
  • A raw image format contains the unprocessed data captured by a digital camera or scanner’s sensor.

Click on Get started (it’s possible you will have to wait a bit). When you are done changing colors go to File – Export – Export for screens. Since you’ll probably re-use logos across websites and social media, using SVG resolves any potential scalability issues.

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The group realized a need to make large photographic files smaller, so that they could be more easily shared. While yes, both file types can be used with Silhouette and Cricut machines, the files are by no means created equal. For users of Samsung phones, Infinix phones, TECNO phones, Nokia phones, and other Android smartphones, the Canon Camera Connect app is a great tool. It does automatic conversion of RAW files to JPEG when transferring images from your Canon camera to your phone. What if you need to edit or convert CR3 files on a smartphone? There are apps for that, so you can edit CR3 files on your smartphone. If you own an iPhone or iPad, download and install Canon’s own Digital Photo Professional Express app.

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